World Trade Contacts: within the name you can find the aim and the strength of our work. We are global so that we can give you as many business contacts as we can, moreover we can facilitate supply demand relationships according to our quality, reliability, fares and service values’ criteria.

Compared to other platforms, which are aiming to mediation on commission, our portal would like to uniquely constitute a rendezvous point, a virtual square where to choose, in complete safety, the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your corporate.

The goal is to enable direct human relationships within the complicated system of international trade. This will help you decide in complete autonomy which is the best choice to be carried out inside the wide range of opportunities given by our database. We work on a daily basis to support you in your activity with no more than a click.

Limits? None.

Simply choose what and where. Whoever can use the portal, whoever can grow its business beginning today.

To know means to improve and enhance the opportunities. We grow accordingly to suppliers and buyers’ interest. Speed and quality of the service represent our true and most important strengths. Suppliers who are subscribing multiply their visibility at zero cost.

Buyers who subscribe have the chance to identify new essential resources at negligible cost.