How it works


WTC is a B2B e-commerce platform. It connects BUYERS and SUPPLIERS from all over the world in a simple, fast way.

SUPPLIERS sign up with their business information, looking for the suitable category of their products. The goal? WTC was born with the idea of creating human relationships, making easy the contact process between potential business people. HUMANS FIRST.

From the other side BUYERS, small and big realities that will have the opportunity to find Suppliers with the best fares, entering into new markets generally hard to reach. Once filled up the research box with their parameters, Buyers will have the possibility to get in contact with all our network split up in categories and areas as selected by them. One, many, everybody or nobody: you need only to choose! WE SELL OPPORTUNITIES.


What's the method of contacts' selection?

Suppliers will have a rating point depending on their platform’s usage:

  • Those with an higher score will have the priority;
  • If two suppliers have the same score, the contact will be assigned randomly.


How can the user get points?

  • By inserting the invitation code during the registration, the supplier will get extra points thanks to national and international agreements between WTC and Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Fairs Organisers and Commercial Partners.
  • By inviting new SUPPLIERS to join WTC platform, you could get one extra point for every succesful registration.


Can’t find a category?

No problems at all. A category can be created thanks to supplier’s account or during the registration step. If you are a buyer, you can ask for it with the specific form inside the catalogue and our staff will create the category for you.