World Trade Contacts: the first Online Information Desk

by Writer

The times when it was believed that computer science would have made the de visu meetings superfluous; in fact it is a matter nowadays that, despite the videoconferences, the Skype connections and the virtual squares of the social media, conventions and congresses, meetings and trade fairs have not fallen into disuse.

However, in the jungle of too much communication, there continues to be little information.

For companies whose product / service is synonymous with quality and respect for the consumer / user, it is increasingly difficult to make themselves known for the founding elements of their business, and getting lost in the seamagnum of the winking brochures and click-bait offers .

And to get the best orientation, it is essential to maintain a high level of one's critical sense towards the communication that one undergoes:

  • nothing will ever replace the tactile, olfactory and gustatory experience in evaluating the goodness of a product;
  • nowadays nothing can substitute digital media for relational potential and for the expansion of its customers.

For this reason, we at World Trade Contact, give relevance in communicative terms to everything that concerns the Fairs in the world facilitating their participation with the right information, but at the same time we offer to all companies the space to create their own Virtual Information Desk, through a simple form that can be filled in 5 minutes.