Search for new suppliers around the world

by Writer

In the last 10 years, we at WTC have been closely involved in the growth of our client companies, as the technological infrastructures underlying their business have necessitated a progressive upgrade to the new rules of the global market network.

However, one of the activities that today requires meticulous research in the field, and the sharing of many decision-making processes deriving from our customers' business knowledge, can not be replaced by any of the IT products for the management of the business that can be delivered. 

Search for new suppliers around the world.

On a daily basis, and especially in the world of international trade fairs that we follow assiduously, we find ourselves discovering new incredible realities, innovative products and finally distilling new parameters in the choice of one supplier over the other.

In this sense, the delocalization of the production phase that many large companies in the Western world carry out, has meant that new labor forces and new productive and entrepreneurial ideas, take root especially in developing countries, also providing small and medium-sized enterprises with possibility of carrying out its own relocation, for example regarding electronic and IT supplies.

To date, the most important international fairs are located in China, just think of Canton Fair, Ces Asia, Global Sources, Hong Kong Electronics etc... on which we have widely discussed and given feedback of our impressions, also in relation to the increasingly specific requests of our customers.

But at the international fairs also American, European, and Italian companies participate, as they have become a very important junction for the export and development of new products, on the basis of commercial opportunities that derive from the growing curiosity of Asian countries towards our business realities

We therefore invite you to talk to us about your business, to share with us the most innovative and peculiar elements of your products, as we can put you in contact with the companies that are already looking for, what you are offering.