News WTC: New Functionalities and Promo Codes

by Andrea Rossi

The Wtc portal is constantly evolving.

Thanks to your many suggestions we have understood that the concept behind this new marketing style is being metabolized, and it is therefore worthwhile to devote new economic and technological resources to make it more friendly and functional that help the patrons to more effectively orientate themselves in the respective markets of interest.

In these months we are working diligently to implement new functionalities: starting from the new graphic layout that will be available from February, to get to the update of the flow-chart of registration, the optimization of the internal search engine and the integration of external platforms to make the communication and retrieval of data requested by our customers more immediate.

In particular, we are working to make the choice of a supplier less random than the other, by inserting an internal referencing system that will allow suppliers to earn points to take precedence over contact requests, according to reliability and frequency of interaction logic .

In this regard, we invite you to subscribe to the portal by entering the code "FBFriends" that will guarantee until February the only priority criterion currently available on the portal: the one who has contributed immediately with its participation on social networks to the growth of our portal.

Wtc is an ambitious project, but together with you we think we are pioneers and being on the right path, given the growing curiosity that the project is resquiring.