World Trade Contacts: Industry 4.0 and credibility of information sources

by Writer

Now more than ever, the network and the need for business expansion require a way to ensure that market information comes from credible sources. All the web puts a strain on our confidence in planning our business, and all too often fake news and financial speculation in the sector to which the megaphone is put on the net and on social networks, push small and medium companies to give up opportunities of Industry 4.0.

In fact, in the flood of information that the web presents to us, keeping the critical sense on the net has become progressively more difficult, as well as not letting potential new markets slip by.

For this reason, we at WTC, we deal every day with finding information on the company's core business directly from those who promote it on the web, putting in the palm of every potential customer all the commercial information necessary for the ever more specific needs of supply of products and services.

On the portal, each company, with Free Registration, has the possibility of seeing their own page / profile created; in this space it is possible, on the part of the company, to insert its "Company Profile", the category to which it belongs, the reference markets and the list of products / services offered.