World Trade Contacts: How to reinvent yourself before your competitors

by Writer

As the entrepreneur and philanthropist Marc Benioff states: "The new currency of the business is speed."

Today, international trade represents an immense investment opportunity, yet Italy is a prime example of how even small cultural differences are to be taken into account in relations with suppliers and collaborators.

On a global level divergences between one country and another can be a great obstacle to success, and in order to recover a source of stable synergy it is necessary to be able to exploit the founding elements of one's product / service

Internationalization represents an important step for a company and in doing so, it is necessary to take care of small details so that cordial relationships can be more easily established and conflicts avoided, equipping ourselves with a clear governance that indicates to all employees the way to follow.

However, the digitalization of Italian industry appears to be lagging behind, skewed on technological equipment and still lacking a profound transformation of business models and organizational processes.

For this reason, we at WTC have decided to create the portal, a structured information desk, condensed into a 5-minute form for all entrepreneurs: