Share your business with World Trade Contacts

by Andrea Rossi

First we want to thank you for your emails and messages, which have come in large numbers in recent weeks.

We can not reply to all of you individually, considering the fact that only on Linkedin have arrived in the last 2 weeks about 5,000 requests for contact in response to our active search for suppliers for Italian and foreign companies.

So we are here today to tell you that we have activated a dedicated platform to facilitate the exchange of information between suppliers and potential buyers, to which you can register for free now:

As you know, our main objective is to favor the meeting between supply and demand, according to parameters of quality, reliability, costs and service value. For this reason we have condensed in a form that can be completed in just over five minutes, everything you need to know about your business, so that we will be able to present to your potential buyers, directly information, products and / or services they are already looking for.

Compared to other platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba that focus on commission mediation, our new portal aims to represent only a meeting point, a virtual place where you can safely choose the fastest solution for the expansion of your market, fostering human relations and direct contacts.

The company growth is proportional to the number of potential customers and the quality of suppliers, and on you can get visibility for the acquisition of new customers at no cost if you are a supplier.

Start now to grow your business, welcome to World Trade Contacts!