World Trade Contacts: the first Online Information Desk

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The times when it was believed that computer science would have made the de visu meetings superfluous; in fact it is a matter nowadays that, despite the videoconferences, the Skype connections and the virtual squares of the social media, conventions and congresses, meetings and trade fairs have not fallen into disuse.

However, in the jungle of too much communication, there continues to be little information.

For companies whose product / service is synonymous with quality and respect for the consumer / user, it is increasingly difficult to make themselves known for the founding elements of their business, and getting lost in the seamagnum of the winking brochures and click-bait offers .

And to get the best orientation, it is essential to maintain a high level of one's critical sense towards the communication that one undergoes:

  • nothing will ever replace the tactile, olfactory and gustatory experience in evaluating the goodness of a product;
  • nowadays nothing can substitute digital media for relational potential and for the expansion of its customers.

For this reason, we at World Trade Contact, give relevance in communicative terms to everything that concerns the Fairs in the world facilitating their participation with the right information, but at the same time we offer to all companies the space to create their own Virtual Information Desk, through a simple form that can be filled in 5 minutes.

World Trade Contacts: intelligent synthesis between real and virtual fair

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World Trade Contacts is a B2B web portal created to bring companies and professionals in contact with each product sector and oriented towards creating relationships among its users; a Virtual Fair, a networked space that becomes a two-way channel of communication and information.

Every company, after free registration, has the opportunity to see its own page / profile; in this space it is possible, on the part of the company, to insert its own "Company Profile", the category to which it belongs, the reference markets and the list of the offer of the products / services.

Every day the companies present are therefore able to come into direct contact with the suppliers according to the needs of the moment, and at the same time get more visibility for their potential customers.

In these days we are working on the optimization of the internal search engine as well as on the integration of external platforms to make contact between the demand and the offer of registered companies more immediate, as well as preparing an internal referencing system to guarantee a second priority logic of reliability and frequency of interaction.

All this will result in a new look and a deep upgrade of the flow-chart of registration; the new features of the World Trade Contacts portal will be available starting March 2019.

For those who register by inserting the code "FBFriends", the first (and currently only) priority criterion on the Wtc portal will be assigned, which will guarantee you the priority of positioning on your reference product sector.

5 minutes to transform your company

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The growing importance of the customer experience is bringing digital to the center of the business model of companies, not only to reach and effectively convince customers but above all to listen and learn from them.

Indeed, digital transformation now has an undeniable impact on the company's economic results in every sector; transforming one or more key aspects of the business, in addition to increasing the speed of go-to-market and improving the customer experience, is a guarantee of growth in terms of revenues thanks to the diversification of sources and business paths.

However, the adoption of digital technologies aimed at improving the interaction with customers, and consequently the increased amount of measurements of their business, must be supported by an investment in resources with appropriate skills and competences, from the definition of a new shared vision, if you do not want to lose sight of the dynamic optimization of the marketing plan.

These are today the critical areas faced by companies today that recognize digital as an opportunity.

With our portal we have identified and translated all the aspects of your current business structure into a form that can be completed in 5 minutes, giving you the opportunity to open your business to thousands of potential new customers.

News WTC: New Functionalities and Promo Codes

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The Wtc portal is constantly evolving.

Thanks to your many suggestions we have understood that the concept behind this new marketing style is being metabolized, and it is therefore worthwhile to devote new economic and technological resources to make it more friendly and functional that help the patrons to more effectively orientate themselves in the respective markets of interest.

In these months we are working diligently to implement new functionalities: starting from the new graphic layout that will be available from February, to get to the update of the flow-chart of registration, the optimization of the internal search engine and the integration of external platforms to make the communication and retrieval of data requested by our customers more immediate.

In particular, we are working to make the choice of a supplier less random than the other, by inserting an internal referencing system that will allow suppliers to earn points to take precedence over contact requests, according to reliability and frequency of interaction logic .

In this regard, we invite you to subscribe to the portal by entering the code "FBFriends" that will guarantee until February the only priority criterion currently available on the portal: the one who has contributed immediately with its participation on social networks to the growth of our portal.

Wtc is an ambitious project, but together with you we think we are pioneers and being on the right path, given the growing curiosity that the project is resquiring.

Brand Identity: Focusing on your business with WTC

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Focusing on your business means increasing the value of your brand and improving the business of your company / business.

For this reason, for many years now, we at WTC dedicate a lot of time and energy to transmit to the companies, our customers or not, how fundamental the value of our brand is in relation to the product category to which they belong, and that is why we have entrusted the study and development of their Brand Identity.

"Only when you can focus on a company or brand for an extended period of time can you develop a powerful business whose future success is almost guaranteed." Al Ries, Focus

Framing the actual merchandise category in the global market of a specific company means having a clear understanding of the nature, the possibilities of use and the commercial value of the products / services offered, as more energy is dispersed and it will be more difficult to be effective in communication.

It is also true that it may be profitable to carry out cross-selling or up-selling activities and to increase the number of products / services, perhaps diversifying them into different markets, initially it can create an increase in turnover, but in the medium and long term it risks to dilute too much the strength and appeal of your Brand, unless you have previously focused your business in an intelligent commodity category.

It goes without saying that the right categorization can make the difference for the growth of the value of your brand over time, and make your company / business well recognizable from the right target in the market.

Here are the Macro-Categories available on the WTC portal:

  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances
  • Energy Resources
  • Food and beverage
  • Gifts
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Home Decorations
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Medicines
  • Office Supplies, sports and free time
  • Shoes
  • Textiles & Garments
  • Vehicles & Spare Parts

Share your business with World Trade Contacts

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First we want to thank you for your emails and messages, which have come in large numbers in recent weeks.

We can not reply to all of you individually, considering the fact that only on Linkedin have arrived in the last 2 weeks about 5,000 requests for contact in response to our active search for suppliers for Italian and foreign companies.

So we are here today to tell you that we have activated a dedicated platform to facilitate the exchange of information between suppliers and potential buyers, to which you can register for free now:

As you know, our main objective is to favor the meeting between supply and demand, according to parameters of quality, reliability, costs and service value. For this reason we have condensed in a form that can be completed in just over five minutes, everything you need to know about your business, so that we will be able to present to your potential buyers, directly information, products and / or services they are already looking for.

Compared to other platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba that focus on commission mediation, our new portal aims to represent only a meeting point, a virtual place where you can safely choose the fastest solution for the expansion of your market, fostering human relations and direct contacts.

The company growth is proportional to the number of potential customers and the quality of suppliers, and on you can get visibility for the acquisition of new customers at no cost if you are a supplier.

Start now to grow your business, welcome to World Trade Contacts!

Search for new suppliers around the world

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In the last 10 years, we at WTC have been closely involved in the growth of our client companies, as the technological infrastructures underlying their business have necessitated a progressive upgrade to the new rules of the global market network.

However, one of the activities that today requires meticulous research in the field, and the sharing of many decision-making processes deriving from our customers' business knowledge, can not be replaced by any of the IT products for the management of the business that can be delivered. 

Search for new suppliers around the world.

On a daily basis, and especially in the world of international trade fairs that we follow assiduously, we find ourselves discovering new incredible realities, innovative products and finally distilling new parameters in the choice of one supplier over the other.

In this sense, the delocalization of the production phase that many large companies in the Western world carry out, has meant that new labor forces and new productive and entrepreneurial ideas, take root especially in developing countries, also providing small and medium-sized enterprises with possibility of carrying out its own relocation, for example regarding electronic and IT supplies.

To date, the most important international fairs are located in China, just think of Canton Fair, Ces Asia, Global Sources, Hong Kong Electronics etc... on which we have widely discussed and given feedback of our impressions, also in relation to the increasingly specific requests of our customers.

But at the international fairs also American, European, and Italian companies participate, as they have become a very important junction for the export and development of new products, on the basis of commercial opportunities that derive from the growing curiosity of Asian countries towards our business realities

We therefore invite you to talk to us about your business, to share with us the most innovative and peculiar elements of your products, as we can put you in contact with the companies that are already looking for, what you are offering.

International exhibitions and research for new customers with

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If you are an entrepreneur, an import-export manager or a purchasing office and you have to develop marketing initiatives on international markets, in this period you will certainly be planning your participation in the next international fairs.

Taking advantage of the opportunities of trade fairs means understanding who the visitor will be and what he will ask and / or look for in your organization and then build the database on which to improve your company's market presence.

However, planning and correctly communicating your company image can quickly become a full-time job in the weeks before the event:

starting from the criterion of choice and identification of the opportunities to participate in a specific international fair and the consequent preparation of the documents necessary to physically move material and company personnel, it will then be necessary to organize the time management during the stand, instruct the staff to grasp market information and study the competition, set objectives for participation that include hospitality and customer loyalty and finally manage the post-fair follow-up work in order not to disperse the result obtained with promotional material, report templates and collection data.

Against this not inconsiderable expenditure of time, resources and money, WTC has developed a new tool for companies that want to find new customers at no cost, providing each manufacturer the opportunity to register for free and forever at the portal www.worldtradecontacts. com.

The portal provides a valid free alternative to participation in an international fair, condensing in a form that can be completed in 5 minutes all that concerns the presentation to a potential customer of your business on the international market, in a totally manageable way from your office.

Bring your product back to the center of your business and get in touch with thousands of potential new customers today.

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