Global Sources 2018: Mobile Electronics, Lifestyle and Fashion

by Writer

The Global Sources Mobile Electronics fair in Hong Kong, which will run until October 21st, the largest mobile sourcing show in the world, will open on October 18, 2018, with 3,700 device stands, AR / VR, wearables and accessories and with the sharing of Startup Launchpad, the main sourcing platform for hardware and retail startups, IoT, AI, smart home, robotics and 3D printing.
The Lifestyle and Fashion themed fairs will then follow from October 27th to 30th.

Over 300 start-ups will be on site: the focus of the usual technology and investment conference will focus on the "Future of retail", covering different sectors of the industrial sector, in particular the most cost-effective technological investments in retail sales and emerging sales technologies applied to the real market.

The event will take place at the AsiaWorld Expo, near the airport and far from distractions; deal with the leading companies in their sector and prepare you for the evolution of industry. The result will be 4 days of high quality networking, discussions and learning.

The organization is really efficient, already from the online registration that is activated to visitors in every day. On the official website it has been published by everyone for the Asia World Expo, public access and registration. Finally, discounts are offered for flights, hotels and restaurants.

At the fair it is also available for specialized magazines that summarize the arguments discussed and the companies involved that have made their contribution.

An unmissable event, which according to our personal past experience and places among the most articulate and stimulating fairs of the technological sector.