Sour cherries

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This special variety of cherry remains one of the least known and contains significant nutritional properties as well as the ability to transform into delicious and tasty preparations.

The sour cherry is a small sour cherry with a spheroidal shape flattened at the poles. The peel is dark red in color and the flesh is not very consistent while being well adherent to the core. The juice is bright red and has a slightly acidic taste. For this reason it is almost always used in preparations such as jams, liqueurs, compotes and not consumed in the natural, even if the slight acidity makes it characteristic and unique flavor.

The sour cherry is rich in melatonin, a natural antioxidant useful to combat insomnia and slow down the aging process. In addition, sour cherries abound in beta-carotene, known from a nutritional standpoint for its ability to help prevent cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.
In addition, in the visciola there is also pectin, a soluble fiber that gives a sense of satiety: this is also useful in low-calorie diet regimens.

The nutritional richness of the sour cherry does not end here: thanks to the presence of quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid, this fruit can give a great help in the prevention of coronary diseases and cataracts. Vitamin C is also abundant, always known for its precious properties of absorbing iron and protecting cells from harmful free radicals.

The sour cherry is collected late, at the end of July, and this is the period in which processing takes place in canning.

However, given the lack of equipment necessary for the industrial processing of sour cherry, its by-products have never reached the large market, making it a product whose handwork has always remained for a lucky few.

WTC is developing a new device, aimed at large and small catering and producers, which will be able to drip a large quantity of sour cherries in a short time and without getting dirty in the kitchen.

We therefore invite you to follow us on this journey, where we will update you on the state of development of our device and where we will rediscover this tradition together.

IT Services

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WTC Services has been operating for 20 years in the IT sector and has become a point of reference in the Roman market for freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses, for the quality and reliability of services and products offered, such as: IT services, programs management, business software, remote assistance, database management, system services, server installation and much more.

The peculiarity that distinguishes the company is to follow a continuous process of innovation and technological training, introducing small installations and vertical business distributions, with the aim of facing and supporting requests of increasingly demanding customers, up to the design and implementation of solutions and complete IT infrastructures.

This path has allowed the refinement of its business model focused on commercial versatility accompanied by a technological baggage enriched in the long years of experience.

The continuous updating allows WTC Services to be able to indicate the most effective and innovative solutions, to promptly inform customers about the obligations required by law and the related deadlines and to create a synergistic relationship of technological growth between customers and the company.

The attention to detail and the continuous interaction with the customer and the line of services / products, allow WTC Services to be the ideal partner with a view to growth and development of your business.


by Andrea Rossi

Piattaforma WTC

by Andrea Rossi

International Fairs

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The constant commitment with which we have participated over the years at numerous fairs around the world has made us aware of the need for a tool that encompasses all the contacts and ideas to share with our customers / partners.

Having a large quantity of business cards, but not being able to use them to the fullest and being able to take advantage of the value is like throwing time and money invested in the basket to participate in every fair. This site wants to be the ideal solution, quick and precise to find producers and distributors, in the world, that deal with the searched products.

Not only! By sharing our ideas we want to create partnerships to evaluate them, make them and profit from them.



Sponsorships and partners

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Getting to know one's own working environment is essential to increase the number of its customers. Over time thousands of people have met our people and appreciated our services. We know we can count on each one of them, but the WTC project needs all the possible means of communication to reach more customers.

We are looking for partners to support each other's business with the hope of obtaining great results with the right investments.

We also use Facebook and Twitter to complete the communication of our services: FOLLOW US.

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