Business idea

World Trade Contacts is the first B2B e-commerce platform with a broad database of international business contacts that can be bought to the actual cost of €1.5 for each requested business card.

It is a unique showcase that could help grow suppliers’ and buyers’ corporates without charging fees on business transactions. No matter what product market you’re working in, WTC will uniquely facilitate the direct relationship among demand and supply, promoting the connection with new markets generally hard to reach.


We value the person more than the product itself.

Our multiannual experience on the around-the-world partnership field made us understand the importance of having this type of business activity.

The platform, which counts already thousands of names, is continuously growing with new business cards that are verified and certified thanks to a fresh, fast and cost-effective service run up by our remarkable staff members.

From China to Italy, by way of America, India, Japan and a lot of other destinations. Our approach is global; our interest is based on an international scale with the goal of making international business production and trades straightforward like they’ve never been.

If you are a supplier all you need is one-minute effort! Signing up is FREE for you and you can enhance your visibility on the international market as much as increase your business opportunity starting from now.

Join the world's best network experience of your life.

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